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I started something similar on MavicPilots so I thought I’d make a thread on here too.
Anyone got instagram? If so, add your username so we can look at your Mavic photos and anything you’ve eaten in the past week :joy:

Mine is

Hi from essex :D

:+1: Already following you Steve


Cool thread :smiley: (now pinned)

I’m not on Instafacetwittergramdotcom but I’ve bookmarked you both,

@dancarpy, look forward to seeing what you’ve eaten this week :rofl: :+1:




Ah excellent…I am on there also. Come see my stuff:


Would love your feedback on my photos (and a follow :grinning:)





mine is now updated to M Six Zero Media


Started a new profile away from my personal one be great to get some followers cheers guys




I have two Instagram accounts, one for my drone stuff and then a separate one for my photography. Wanted to keep them apart as I usually use old film cameras and I didn’t think people who followed me and had an interest in large format photography would care much for my drone photos lol

My drone account:

My photography account:


My insta :grin:


Here’s mine, mostly car related, but occasional photo stuff and will get more drone shots up as I take them.


Never saw this thread, thanks for reviving it…


Just saw this thread, here’s my drone business account for those that are interested:


Building my drone footage and new followers every shot . See you soon