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Hello all, I have re branded and set up a new you tube channel. Would be great if you subscribed:

It would be even better if you put your own link here so we can all subscribe to your channel.

Hello from Somerset
My youtube channel
My you tube channel
Hello from Essex - I'm Ian in London

I Am Your First Subscriber @StevenPSCC I Can Not Wait To See Your Content .:+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:`

Your Welcome to subscribe but as yet on this channel There Is No Content .

#3 :slight_smile:

my favourite one so far:


Magical Footage You have a stunning Eye and a really Skill @Peter


Thanks @HE15RGP :slight_smile:


Subscribed I’m sure there will be plenary on there soon :slight_smile:


Subscribed :slight_smile:





Plenty of drone videos going back to my bebop up to the mavic pro, and a other stuff too :slight_smile:


amazing footage , I have been to Iceland in the days before drones , it looks like done heaven, loved your edit.



Just starting out on this epic hobby.
Just not enough time and sunny days!!


here’s my channel;

I’ve only really dabbled in videography over the past year


Subscribed to all the above


m six zero I presume :wink:




Hey guys, will subscribe to the above and add links at the end of my (2 so far) videos to your channels.

My channel is -

Merry Christmas


I’ll play…nice channels everyone…here’s mine. It’s focussed mainly on diving but the Mavic footage will catch up coon enough. :slight_smile:


Here’s mine.

More drone footage and tutorials related to drones to come in the New Year


Hi guys, my first few attempts with the Mavic plus a few shots with a Spark and a Bugs 3 …