Memory card preferences?

I’m sure I saw on here somewhere a list of recommended SD cards, but can’t find it. I’ve had problems with speed with some of the ones I have. Any experiences of good cards for 4K video? Probably 64GB, can’t afford much bigger.

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These are the SanDisk 64GB ones I rely upon … and not all that pricey (£13.42, currently)

I have about 6 of the things and use them everywhere … except for the 128gb in my phone.

Other than a couple in things that (a) don’t need that speed and (b) will be in the device until it dies, I’ve actually thrown everything else away so I don’t muddle them.


Hi @ash2020 have a couple of these for the 4k camera on my Typhoon H

SanDisk Extreme 128 GB microSDXC Memory Card

No issues what so ever and at only £19.29, bargain!

Be cautious. Sandisk are very good and thus are often faked by the unscrupulous. On eBay if it is cheap it is probably a fake. Buy from a reputable dealer with a cast-iron returns policy!


Agreed @macspite, the link I’ve posted is the one I used to purchase mine, they are stocked and sold by amazon themselves. Going by the packaging and the SD card its self, I’ve no reason to believe that the pair I received are anything but genuine.

Thanks all. I’ll go for the Sandisk 64GB. I agree, there’s a lot of counterfeit stuff around ATM. I think that’s the one I had in the glug-glug drone.

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Got to be Sandisk !, never use anything else !.

Me too, and nearly always amazon (not the market place sellers though)