Messing about on Luminar AI

Original photo taken with my iPhone at St Bees Beach, Cumbria. Then I started messing about on Luminar to try it out. Not sure how I feel about editing photos this much. Kinda feels like cheating but it is fun!


Love my Luminar AI for making dull shots interesting with minimal ease… I don’t want to spend hours tarting up photos and AI just works well …. Good vfm in my book …


Just started using it. Also just got Photoshop and Lightroom but Luminar is really easy to use compared with those. The results are pretty amazing and quick. I guess it’s a case of knowing when you’ve done enough and not to push things unrealistically. :+1:

You might want to try to straighten the horizon a touch, and in the change sky menu, drop the horizon down a touch. Other than that, looks good to me.

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Thanks John. Never noticed that! I ll have a go sorting that out tonight. Cheers mate.