Meteor65 on DX6 Controller

Hello all! I’ve got a Meteor65 and I’m trying to bind it to DX6 controller but no luck so far. Any ideas on how to do it?

Thank you :smile:

Do you have a spektrum compatible rx in your meteor65? If so it should just be a case of pressing the bind button on the quads rx and I’d assume setting up a new model on your DX6 and putting that into bind mode. I’ve not got a DX6 myself so I’m not 100% sure.


Just done a little googling and came across This link maybe this will help you?

Let us know how you get on :+1:t2:

The Betaflight CLI method is so much easier than trying to get your other half to hold the bind button on the receiver, while trying to show the cat how to plug the battery in, while at the same time you’re trying to press the bind button on your radio and simultaneously turning it on.

Unless your radio has an auto function you will need to ensure that you have the correct protocol, DSM2 or DSMX, and that the frame lengths are correct, 11ms or 22ms. The frame length is important as even if they are mismatched the receiver and transmitter will mind BUT your channels will be out of sync and the quad may become a whirling dervish.

Spektrum? Why do they make the mundane overly complicated?


Edit. I think the Spektrum CLI command is for Satellite receivers. If the receiver is a SPI receiver there is a specific “Set Bind_spi_xxxx” command based on the protocol used. If you type “get bind” in the CLI the latest version of Betaflight will show all the available options based on the firmware installed on the flight controller.