Micro sd cards

Combo plus came with a 16gb Sandisk card which is fine. But after photographing in Raw and shooting in 4k I soon decided to buy a couple of extra cards 1 which is still unopened. They were Sandosk extreme class 10 and 32gb. After the first full use i formatted the card and since havnt been able to take photos ? My 16gb is fine. So i can only assume they are dodgy though all the markings of a genuine card ? I will get a refund from PP. So tonight off to Currys to get 100% gen items. Im sure many share similar experiences. I bought mine from 7 day shop outlet.

Did you format on the Mavic or on your computer/laptop?

You must always use the Mavic to format the SD Card.

Thats good to know but yes I always format on the Mavic. In fact the data appeared the next day ? and its a SanDisk with up to 90MB/S . I will persevere. I shall in time get a 64gb card .

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Did you buy them on eBay :thinking:

No from ’ 7 day shop’ online. It was weird how the data appeared 24hrs later. So I will have to carry out a speed test. If they are troublesome I am protected by Paypal.

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