Mini 2 controller and tablet using steel hooks; will it affect performance

I want to use my Tablet with both drones and my tablet.
I know DJI do a nice looking tablet adapter but £ 45…

I think this work for holding the tablet in place but I just wonder if the steel of the ‘bracket’ would affect the tx/rx power or cause any interference issues.

Many thanks.

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I very much doubt will affect it , I’ve sat my controller on the top of the car and used it no ill effects

You can get a plastic one off ebay for £3 - £7. Or you can ask somebody on here to print one, I’ve seen the files on one of the 3d printing sites.

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Most decent mounts for controllers are mainly metal. The phone or tablet you are using with the controller contains a fair amount of metal. I think you will be ok :slight_smile:

Thanks all. I’ll give them a go. I didn’t expect that they would affect it but its nice to be able to blame someone (s) else if it does!!
Think all 3 answers are the solution but I can only tick one box.

I use this one from Amazon £9 - it holds my iPad mini perfectly. SHEAWA Adjustable Remote Control Flat Stand Tablet Holder for DJI Mavic Air 2 Remote Control Accessories

Thanks I bought this one.

Fitted it yesterday quickly and it’s a good fit.
Being stainless I can tweak it slightly to suit but really happy with the way it sits already.

Is that not really heavy Keith? :grimacing: That plus a tablet plus a controller must be a reasonably heavy weight to hold while flying for 25mins or so?

Sorry mate scratch that thought, I’ve just seen the dimensions in the first post. In my head it was massive like one of those metal hangers that go over the edge of a bath tub :man_facepalming: :rofl:

We will see. I fitted it yesterday to try and it felt OK. Slightly ‘top Heavy’ compared to the ‘phone only’ but then the tablet is much heavier on its own.
It was only £4.50 and if it is too heavy I can;

  1. hang a towel on it in the shower room.
  2. Buy the official DJI unit which looks really well designed (if expensive) as I ’ tried the cheap option, love but it just didn’t work’!

I already have a tablet holder with tripod adapter and 1m c to c lead for longer flights.

Maybe you could try pairing it with one of these to help balance it if its top heavy?

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I just spat my coffee over the PC, got the whole office looking at me!

“What you” :smoking:

Mental picture made me giggle a bit….:rofl:

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I know man lol I’m on holiday this week and think my brain has decided to take a vacation at the same time :laughing:

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Well it works… except I over did the bending so t’was a little loose. Will rebend the bracket tomorrow and try again BUT much better experience with the tablet.

So the re bending developed into a total rethink.

Fits the tablet well and is much neater, I think.

I made an I-pad hook from a brown plastic waste pipe.
Cut a section out then heat with a heat gun and flatten out. Cut to shape heat up and form to shape. Clean up and spray paint it black.
Glue a small section of rubber inside top tip to grip the I-pad.
Light weight and strong. Job done.
Would also work with grey pipe.


I’m loving all these DIY mods :clap:t2: