Mini 2 footage stutter

Morning all, had my Mini 2 a couple of months, managed to fit in 10 or so flights so far just practicing with controls mainly.

Question for you all, Why is my video footage always so stuttery, I’ve changed gimbal settings, watched a few different YT videos about it but still have stuttery videos every time.
Currently always shot in Auto, maybe I need to shoot in manual?

Will normally record footage and then chop it in the DJI fly app, all done on iPhone not PC if that makes a difference.

Please post an example video for us to look at.

Without seeing the issue first hand any reply here would just be a wild guess.

And you don’t need 101 wild guesses :slight_smile:

I’m trying to do that now, won’t upload from the iPhone, hold on…

Use photos & videos from the SD card. If you’re editing in Fly then I assume you are editing cached video. The Fly app caches a lo-res copy of the video, exactly what you see on your screen and it will stutter unless you have a constant good connection. Even if it doesn’t stutter, it’s lo-res.

You can edit videos off the SD card in Fly but you first need to copy the videos from the card to the video folder on your phone.

Ahhhh ok, I will give that a go, thank you

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You’re not trying to upload directly to the forum are you?


Sorry, yes good point @leeheyes

@Stents13 I meant upload to Vimeo or YouTube and share a link to the video here :slight_smile:

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Ahhhh that’s much better, school boy error! will tinker with the settings some more after moving from SD card