Mini 2 halts in flight

Hello…I’m puzzled by the following, and hoping more experienced flyers can help.
Mini 2 at Winchelsea Beach in Sussex. It’s a huge open space and almost never crowded.
I have max height set to 120m, and max distance set to 4000m. There are no nofly zones. Wind about 12mph.
The drone answered up and down fine. But it came to a stop about 200-250m from me, and no amount of pushing the forward stick helped.
I tried it in both djifly and maven
But now, in a field near home, it flies as far as I can see!
Any ideas please?

Was you flying over water?

Flying over pebble beach towards the sea. Not actually over the sea

Have you got your flight log, maybe one of our resident guru’s could take a look

Was you anywhere near the airport or Nuclear Power station

Somewhat new to drones, so I’ll have a read and figure out how to do that. Thanks for your help.

No, I checked with drone scene - miles away!

Share the Airdata

Goto and set up a free account and share that flight

Thanks - I’ll give it a go. But, weirdly, my flights today aren’t shown - my last 16 flight records are there (told you I was a newbie!) but not today’s. Do I have to be connected to the craft to get them onto my ipad?

Turn off max fly distance in advance settings

The device you were flying with has the flight logs


Got it…

Could you possibly have your max distance set?

When you’ve got airdata up and running and your flights synced use the share button of the offending flight and share the link in this thread

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Thank you - really helpful. Will get it done tomorrow - duty calls!

Seaside Peter. You have to fire the controller and the drone up, then ensure your controller is connected to the internet and you are logged into your DJI account to update the flight logs. The you can import them into Airdata, by allowing Airdata access to DJI :wink::wink:

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Oh good grief - and I thought I just had to learn to fly!
Thanks for that; it’s very helpful.

I’ve got my DJI RC controller set to auto update flight logs whenever it’s connected to the internet, so apart from having to connect to the internet, it does it all by itself :wink:
Edit to my previous post, you don’t need to power your drone on. The flight logs are stored on the controller and if that’s connected to the internet, you can update your flight logs, without powering on the drone. ( you only need the drone switched on when checking for software updates ( drone, battery and controller) :wink::wink:

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That’s not true, he has a Mini 2 and just needs to sync the flight data on the device with dji servers

Oh dear…I’ll learn.

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