Mini 2 in the snow

Was hoping to fly the mini 2 tody but held off as didn’t get a break from snow/sleet.
It was light but wet if that makes sense :man_shrugging: so didn’t risk getting it wet.
I know what the manual says but what experience do you members have of flying in falling snow?
It was truly gorgeous out there today.
Thanks, David.

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@Djorob watch the video and enjoy flying in the snow.


I like the “Own risk” caveat!
Cheers for the vid.

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The risk of flying in very cold and moisture rich environments for most propped models is ice build up on the props. I think this is caused by cavitation of the cold moist air around the prop.

Aside from the above the only other concern for a drone with no water resistant design around the main body would be moisture ingress through the vents. Brushless motors would not be affected as there are no electrical contacts between the stator and the rotating bell of the motor. Brushless motors will work quite happily even when fully submerged.


Perfect music for the vid :clap:

Many thanks.