Mini 2 Micro USB lead

Hi, would anyone know where I can purchase a micro usb lead approx 200mm long so I can put my pad on the controller.
I’ve bought one off Amazon but it didn’t work.
Any help would be appreciated.

What pad ? I pad or something different …

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Huawei media pad

Can’t you send it back & get a better one, Amazon would have been my go too, maplin have them on line but there 0.5 m so quite long.

I bought lead on Amazon to do the same thing, just a bog standard lead and it works fine so I’m guessing the original DJI one is standard usb C2C.

I bought this £9.99 and works fine with my mini 2 and 3 pro and use a Huawei Media Pad M5 10.1 inch which is a really good bright tablet.

A standard USB-C to USB-C cable doesn’t work with a DJI controller - you have to use the DJI supplied one - which just about reaches the socket on a 10" Android tablet. How you juggle the tablet and the Controller connected with this short wire is another conundrum.

Note: I’m not a hardware expert, so I don’t know what pins the DJI cable has or uses that are different from vanilla USB-C.

(I got my 2 metre cable from Micro Center in Rockville, Maryland on our last trip there).

Thank you for letting me know.


Ken Preedy

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Normally a good quality DATA cable is fine. A lot of the cheaper ones are charging only and useless.
I will try find the link on amazon when I am home

If the cable is close to the socket but it’s getting them in at the right angle thats the problem, I use one of these to connect to my Pixel 7. Very tight fit without it, slack cable with it.

I discovered this by accident a while back when I had a Mavic Pro and needed a longer cable so I could use a tablet with it. The cheapie cable I bought didn’t work. That was when I discovered that there’s a difference between a data cable and a bog standard charging one.:man_facepalming:

I cant find the micro usb to micro usb I use fot the Note 3 and Nexus tablet but this returns a few results on Amazon “DJI+usb”

This one I use on the Galaxy S10 (Micro usb to Usb C) is here

AFAIK it needs to be an OTG usb cable. Assuming that’s what you bought then try switching the ends as they only work one way.

I use the 8" Mediapad M5, but was still able to use the existing DJI cable. The tablet works great, much better than my phone ever did!

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