Mini 2 Pano Test

First attempt on the Mini 2 this is straight of the camera then uploaded to Kuula.

Couple of things I dont like, the stitch line is visible, secondly the file it stitches does not have the exif data embedded to tell google photos/facebook etc thats its a 360 pano so it just sits on social media as a flat file.

Not the best weather, but DJI have a habit of winter releases.


That’s a great first attempt with the Mini 2. What was the wind like?
There must be away around google/facebook issue.

Does the Mini 2 save all the photographs taken to produce the pano or does it permanently combine the total? Just wondering if they can be combined in an alternative software. A PITA either way and I would expect the Mini 2 to be fully compatible with Facebook etc.

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Gusty, but no issues only had a single warning

It saves all the photos individually so you can stitch them yourself afterwards. The file it stitches itself is around 2MB so far from hi-res.

Edited the exif to make it look like a Ricoh Theta took the photos :wink:

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I love learning something new each day :blush:

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Nice pano :+1: :+1: :+1:

@milkmanchris - which version of the Fly app are you using Chris ??
Load of conflicting reports on t’internet whether or not v1.2.1 fixes all the issues for Mini2.

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1.2.1 on iOS, no issues apart from the silly not tagging the photo spheres as pano in the exif, strangely though the 180 degree ones are.

I’ve raised a ticket


Cool image Chris shame about the visible stitch. Is it visible in all the panos? Is it something they can fix with a firmware update do you think?

I’ve always found it hit and miss with all the DJI stuff in pano mode, they cant work their magic all the time.

Anyway a couple more, just above the house for testing purposes.

First one here is stitched by DJIFLY and uploaded to Kuula, nothing else done to it, 2.1MB file 4096 x 2048px.

Same image, this time stitched using the original files from the SD card in AGP on the MacBook Pro, added a bit more blue to infill the sky (very rough and fast) in photoshop and then uploaded to Kuula, added a 40% bloom filter to give it a bit more punch, 22.5MB file 10122 x 5061px