Mini 2 Panoramas - LItchi v DJIFLY

Not scientific, same scene 5 minutes apart full on full auto.

All stitched by the respective apps and saved to the phone album before upload to Panoee

Litchi Pano 2292 x 4584 2mb
Djifly Pano 2048 x 4096 2.6mb


Sadly Pamoee doesn’t show on my phone. All I get is

Application error: a client-side exception has occurred (see the browser console for more information).

Kuula shows up fine.

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Which phone/ browser ?

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Chrome on Ultra S21

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@group-android anyone able to check if you can see the above panoee panorama on your android phones?

Shows fine on my Samsung Note20 Ultra via Chrome Chris :ok_hand:t2:

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Got the same message on Ultra 21 and chrome

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OOI do you have a preference?

I’ve just wasted (LOL) 5m of my time going back and forth and trying the different modes (mirror, little planet, full screen, zoomed in, zoomed out, etc) and I can’t choose. I think they’ve both done a great job and like that the end size of the Litchi is smaller but still as good as the Fly version.

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Was showing ok on PC yesterday. Win 10. Chrome.

Showing ok on samsung Internet ( does anyone use it?) and same S21 ultra.

Showing OK on Tab 5SE and chrome

Weirdly, just rechecked the phone and all is good!!

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Showing fine on iPad.

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Works great on Safari. I must look into Litchi, it seem to be very good.

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Fine on my cheapie whatever Android. :+1:


@DroneGeek Ian has the fault corrected itself?, seems the android posse are able to load it

Fine on my £100 Android cheapie.

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I think its a them thing, just happened on my MBP while liking all you lovely testers.

Perhaps @panoee360 Neo can give an answer?

All working on my Huawei P30 Pro.

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Yup, both work on my pixel4a

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Works on my Huawei M5 lite tablet but i got this when i tapped the screen

Thats the context menu for the plugin, what happens when you click the grid or left right icons?

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Working perfectly on my Samsung A52S 5g