Mini 2 Parallel Charger

Afternoon All,

Well with the good weather creeping up on us I thought it was time to get the Drones out and get them ready.

I am looking for a parallel charger for the Mini 2, and they all seem much the same on Amazon, offerings seem to be the same but run different names.

I am looking at the “Lyongtech 6 in 1 Rapid Charger”.

Has anyone had any issues with these, or recommendations for anything better? Using the DJI hub is going to take a considerable time.

Just found the below one for a little cheaper, but looks the same:


All the Yx chargers are the same, despite how the Chinese badge them :slight_smile:

This one is a fiver cheaper than your last link:

There are probably cheaper options if you’re willing to browse for longer :slight_smile:

Awesome, another fellow bargain hunter :slight_smile:

I had a feeling they would all be the same, but given my run of bad luck over the last 18months, I thought it worth a quick post.

Many thanks for the link

In the early days of the Yx chargers there were lots of issues with them not being grounded (plenty of threads on here, including how to fix it).

The later models are all plastic now though, but I’m not sure if they’re double insulated or not.

Nobody has said anything bad about them though (apart from the earthing issues).

I have one works well

There still are issues, but probably not in the number there used to be.

:I had a Lyontech branded YX charger for the DJI FPV Drone batteries. When plugged into the mains it would refuse to charge the batteries unless they were already approximately 90% charged to begin with. When plugged into my portable 240VAC unit it would trip the over current surge protector as soon as a battery was connected.

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I bought a DJI Mini SE ‘standalone’ earlier this year and to save starting a new thread on this subject, I’d like to know what you all think of other Yx Chargers for the DJI Mini 2/ SE.
As I have started to add more batteries and accessories to my drone, I’ve looked at the one featured above,… and also this one by Yx. Has anyone any experience of it? TIA :+1:

I have also been looking at this single charger by Yx. Any thoughts? :+1: