Mini 2 visibility aid

As well as the Strobon CREE I’ve found gold reflective tape helps a lot so long as the sun is shining. I’ve put it on several surfaces. A quick spin around and/or stop and go usually produces a reassuring twinkle in the sky! The photos give an idea with the Cree flashing and when it isn’t. Sometimes the gold tape gets noticed first.


Nice idea!

Can you share some photos of it on your bench?

Is the gold tape on both sides of all four arms?

Yes it is. Came across it as an idea for my rc thermal gliders, just on the rudder both sides. A rudder wiggle can give a good twinkle!
Photos in a min.

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Pretty sure it was this one. Only any use when the sun is shining though🤞🏼

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Interesting :+1:

Combine with some dayglo orange patches for even better visibility on the ground :wink:

Maybe even different colour tape front and back to give an idea of orientation? Or do you just see a twinkle and not a colour?

Have only used the gold colour, but must admit it does seem to be a gold twinkle, so maybe other colours would be worth a try for orientation. To start with I just had the tape on the front legs and arms facing forward so I knew when it was facing me, but since then I decided to go the whole hog and be grateful for any twinkle from any surface! I can sort orientation out post twinkle, so to speak… It just helps with that instant looking up from the controller to the drone. It’s always within VLOS of course, this is just a bit more security. :grin:


Retro reflective tape is another lightweight visibility aid. It can help when searching for a drone. Use a head torch, and the light shines straight back at the light source.

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Quick search for brightest reflective tape throws this up -

Looks like white/silver is better.

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I tried silver on my gliders, but for me at least gold is a lot better. Trial and error as always!

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Opinions on the best colour seem to vary! This is from the company I’ve used ( link in earlier post) but is for retro reflective tape which I haven’t used.

“The order of decreasing brightness is silver, gold, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange, orange, red, green, and blue”

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Great idea :+1: you could just go balls deep and do a full wrap. Create your own star in the sky.



Great idea. I can see this being quite effective. The Air 2 luckily has a very bright downward facing led that can be turned on via the controller that helps vidibility too.


Rolls of silver, gold etc. on the bay of e, item 292742049853
£5.20 delivered.

Great idea!


After a recent members drone loss I’ve been thinking about wrapping my birds in bright colours just in case they get lost somewhere.

I think we should call this a Dro-jazzle…

Nice one!

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Of course some brightly coloured MAS props will help :wink:

Oh look, you’ve put it into “Liberace Mode:laughing:

Excellent…Thanks for the info. :sunglasses: