Mini 2 vs Mavic 2 Pro 4K video comparison

Nothing too scientific here, I just took my M2P and the Mini2 out for for roughly the same flight to compare the video.

Obviously the Mini2 pre-tweaks the video for saturation and punch etc so the user doesn’t have to while the MP2 is in a format ready for grading in post production software but the detail comparison was what I wanted.

I’m surprised there’s not really much in it to be honest! The M2P is just a more stable, smooth, confident bird. The Mini2 ocusynch is nowhere near as robust but perfectly usable and a step up from wifi!

Hope it’s of use to somebody! Once again edited on iPad with Luma Fusion and the only royalty free song I have on it :rofl:


@Longstride How far out was that? Very pleasant! I’m having a toss-up between the Mini and the MA2 at the moment, this will help, thank you. What’s the music?

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@BeltandBraces just a shade over 500m :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (no seriously about 600m and I could still see the light so VLOS = :+1: )

The Mini 2 ocusynch is definately a step up from the old WiFi, but isnt anywhere near as robust as it is on a bigger pro-drone like the Mavic 2 or Inspire range etc.

The Mini makes the Mavic 2 feel like a monster and has become my goto “quick” drone. The video and images are pretty decent. Not high-end, but more than sufficient. For youtube or social media its very hard to tell the difference between a more expensive drone and the Mini 2 for the casual viewer!

Dont know much about the MA2 (I had the original air and loved it!) but I would presume its more stable and more capable. One thing I would say about the Mini 2 is it gets pushed about in wind a bit and doesnt feel a stable in air as the Mavic 2. Might be worth thinking about that? But for £400-500 its a great package!

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And it’s only 720p and 8Mbs rather than 1080/40 for the bigger boys.

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What is?

The live video-to-controller transmission rate at a guess.

Click the down arrow for context …

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I never knew about the down arrow! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks. For a minute there I was thinking about the output quality. I will have to try 720p on my phone and see if it makes much of a difference.

How will you mimic the lower bit rate?

I cant, but I can mimic the 720p. The bit rate doesn’t seem to affect the guys that have the Mini 2 so not worried about that. Just the general clarity.

But bit rate is as important as resolution.

8k video at a very low bit rate can less useful than 720 at a high bit rate.

Agree but I thought we was talking about 720 monitor resolution and the mini.

Monitor resolution isn’t an issue at 720 in my opinion. You can only fit a phone on the controller anyway and it’s not an issue, I didn’t even know I had less resolution on the Mini 2 vs my M2P.

Bit rate is another story, I think it’s negligible BUT if you view my video again, you might notice the sea in the Mini 2 footage kind of “pulses” which could be the bit rate or the compression on the Mini 2, while the M2P is smooth as butter!

But again, for the price, that’s splitting hairs a bit.

But - to repeat …

So - the resolution is (slightly more than) halved and the bit-rate is just 20%.

1,920x1,080 = 2,073,600 pixels
1,280x720 = 921,600 pixels

… a reduction of 55.5%

So, of the 80% reduction in bit-rate (from 40Mbs to 8Mbs) , 55.5% can be directly attributed to the reduction in resolution, meaning that a bit-rate of 17.8Mbs would be visually the same.

So - a further 55% of compression is being applied (from 17.8Mbs to 8Mbs) with the Mini 2.

Is it adequate? I don’t have one - but others, and @Longstride above, suggest it’s usable.

But, as I suggested, just changing your display to mimic 720p won’t really give much of an indication as to what what you will see using it.

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