Mini 3 Hyperlapse issue

Hi searched for this but nothing.

Just tested Hyperlapse over the house 2sec intervals for a 3 sec finished vid. Speed 2.5 mph.

The drone only flew 3/4 of the circle before it finished. Now I can see it’s in the settings but I can’t work out how to calculate settings to avoid this in the future.

Any maths heads out there can help?


Chris might know @clinkadink :smirk:

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It will do as much of the circle as it can before it hits the total shots/time you’ve selected.
So if you want a full circle you do need to increase the total shots, and/or the interval. You’d have to guesstimate the settings to get what you want.

EG, this one I did took around 15mins to complete for a 30s video, and only completed a half circle. I think the interval was 2s.


Short answer is what Ben.B said except it depends on the radius of the orbit.
Further away from your house = further to fly = more shots or longer interval in a complete orbit.

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Thanks for all the replies. I hadn’t thought about the radius of the circle I guess that is established by the angle to the target when it starts. Closer = more acute angle therefore smaller circle. Starting to get it. Cheers

I have only used the hyperlapse feature as a timelapse, i.e. staying in one place. But …

You can extend the hyperlapse time by increasing the 3 dropdowns that you’re presented with when you select hyperlapse. E.g. I changed the interval from the default 2 seconds to 5 seconds, and ended up with a 10 minutes hyperlapse, about 10 seconds in once edited.

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Thanks all. I took your advice and got this waypoint hyperlapse. I know it can be improved and I’m on my way…….

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Hi @DGBcdb I’ve edited your post to include the OneBox preview.

To do this just paste the YouTube link into a new line of its own with no spaces etc.

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I would have gone higher and slightly further out so you can center in the middle of the fair and get the roads around it, also slow it down to 2s, maybe half circle all like @Ben.B done and said.

you could slow it down in a editing program.

Hope the fair is there tonight and also Good weather as I will enjoy to see another video. :+1::love_you_gesture:

Thanks. There is a church at the right hand end of the square so I went close to it and then flew away to reduce risks. I’ll look for a safe orbit away from the church to try what you suggest.

Fingers crossed for no rain.



You have 2 POI so use them both start with church in shot and come half circle around to left of fair if you get camera angle and height correct you get better effect of hyperlapse of fair and roads around the fair.

Since I’ve got the battery plus it’s been fantastic to able to take a few shots without worrying about battery life.


Thanks. I now get that you can turn the drone mid flight by positioning the waypoints correctly. Sadly it was blowing a storm with lots of rain on the last night of the fair so no more footage this time. I’m bitten now so I plan more HL soon as it stops. Cheers. D