Mini 3 pro error codes

Has anyone else had these error codes with a mini 3 pro. It says gimbal attitude code 40027
And I also have a in flight vision system and obstacle sensing unavailable code 180059.
It’s not even a month old yet.

Are these codes coming up during normal flight or for example while it’s powered on but you’re moving it around?

I’ve had the vision unavailable warning when flying at night, and if memory serves I’ve had the gimbal attitude error when I was holding the drone on its side in my hand while it was powered on

Thank you very much for the reply. It came on when I landed the drone yesterday evening.
I have contacted the guys where I bought it from and they said they will exchange it.
Did you rectify yours

Mine weren’t erroneous, so no need to fix it, fully expect the gimbal to be confused if it’s upside down and for the vision not to work in the dark xD

It wasn’t dark it was 9 pm. Does yours still show the messages ?

Not while in flight. On the ground you may still get it as according to DJI it disables the vision system on the ground to save battery

The gimbal code is the more concerning one


Yes I have had gimbal attitude code 40027. Mine is not a week old. In fact lots of problems until a dog walker came across me, professional photographer owner of 3 drones and is planning on getting the mini 3 pro. He helped to fix everything except the mode 2 right stick, the drone would only fly in straight lines, except in sport mode it would turn but not in cine or normal. he suggested a factory reset that I have now done so see what tomorrow brings. I have read somewhere turn doesn’t work unless it’s in brake instead of bypass. Any ideas ? Thank you