Mini 3 Pro Flight round Barrow Bridge Chimney to Smithills Hall Bolton

I have been flying my Mini 3 Pro for 6 months now and it has given me a lot of pleasure in my old age (78). There is a famous big chimney near where I live 80 metres tall. I have been building up the courage to fly above and around this chimney over this time and finally did this last week when the winds were in my favour. There is an ancient Hall also near my home which I also featured. I hope you like the short video !!


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Nice bit of flying dave, now you need an fpv drone and fly down that chimney :rofl:

Thank you for doing this for me and explaining how I can do it myself in the future.

I was frightened of it falling down that chimney, that’s why I made a quick exit !!!

I was just waiting for Fred Dibnah to poke his head up :laughing:

Well as you said , I you have been building up the courage for this Moment ,Credit to your self Sir , Lovely Video and Accompaniment Music ,
Wishing you more Flying and good Heath ,
Kind Regards, alex London ,

I knew him well and think of him as I look at the chimney, which I can see from my window.

Thanks for your reply and lovely comments.

Nice one Dave

Nice job! It’s nice to know that age is no barrier.

Great flight! This should give you more confidence for future adventures!