Mini 3 Pro ‘network connection lost’

Test flight of new Mini 3 Pro and DJI RC yesterday, short hop in back garden after completing all the setups. Didn’t want to do anything ambitious while the KPI is still high.
Took off, hovered all normal a short distance away. Then RC screen went blank, just saying ‘Network Connection lost, Retry’. Eh? Brought drone back and landed normally, tried the ‘retry’ option, nothing. Switched off drone and RC, back on again and after that all was normal, no probs at all.
So what was that about? What ‘network connection’? Was it remembering it had recently been on the house WiFi and now out of range of it? But all the downloads etc had completed successfully. Or did it mean the video connection between RC and drone? Puzzling!

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Try it in airplane mode see what happens to rule out the home wifi issue

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Didn’t know the RC had an ‘airplane mode’? This is the DJI RC with the built-screen.


The latest firmware should have disabled WiFi and Bluetooth as soon as the motors are started

The current firmware on your controller disables wifi and bluetooth when you start the drone* . To re-enable wifi you can swipe down from top and a menu appears with options to press. One of these is wifi. By selecting wifi it should re-connect to your local wifi*

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Thanks guys, that’s really helpful. A case of RTFM then! I have printed it off but hadn’t got round to reading any of it yet…… Should have latest firmware all up to date but I’ll follow that one up.