Mini 3 Pro Payload capacity

Hi all,

Wondered if anyone had tested, or found online how much extra weight the mini 3 pro can carry. I can see the extended battery is approx 40g heavier than the base, and the Mini 2 for comparison can carry approx 200 g of extra weight.

I’m looking at adding 60g approx, should be around the centre of mass as well, should be fine but interested to know what the limit is.

Is that documented somewhere? :thinking:

Any reason you can’t test your Mini 3 in your back garden with your intended payload?

From the great wisdom of random articles on Google to be honest.

Yes I could test it with a dummy weight, however part of the payload is a battery so I can scale battery size to better fit the capacity. Also before risking my own wanted to know if anyone else has already done it :joy: