Mini 3 Pro Smart Controller Issues

Just got delivery of my mini 3 pro with smart controller direct from DJI. Has anyone had charging issues the batteries took 6.5 hours to fully charge all 3 of them , but the smart controller has been on charge now for 8.5 hours and still not charging up, I haven’t even turned the drone on or the smart controller yet.

What charger are you using ?

Hi Chris, for the batteries I used the charger that came with them plugged in using an ordinary USB cable that came with it and for the controller the same lead plus I tried a USB type C cable,

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The first time I charged my smart controller it took ages and I too thought it was faulty. After hours of charging I still only had two green lights, but when I switched it on it showed fully charged. I run it down then charged it again and it went to a full charge in a couple of hours. Since that it’s been fine.

I plugged mine into my MacBook usb c charger and it really didn’t like it so I plugged it into a 5w charger and it then charged fine

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Posts on the dji forum say this is normal until it is registered. Other new Mini 3 users had similar experiences and it worked fine (past 3 lights) once activated.

Thanks for the info Chris. Just done a firmwear update and plugged it back it to see If it charges up.

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I’m sure I saw somewhere it had to be a 30w charger , I think it may of been in 1 of Ian’s YouTube videos

I thought I’d read that DJI recommend a 30w charger. I’ve been using a 20w charger and it’s been charging fine.

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I’ve not got the mini 3 and unless there is some major improvements I won’t be but I do follow the things but thinking about it I’m sure Ian was talking about the charging time being slow because he didn’t have a 30w charger with him , any charger will do it and the more watts the faster it charges , but as I said it’s all from memory and I’m old and that part of my system don’t work as well as it used to lol

You need a charger that is a minimum of 30w
If you are charging the flymore kit (if you can find one, I have one :grin:) then you can charge upto 37w.

I only bought the Mini 3 for one reason, the image quality. From what I’ve seen so far I’d call it a major improvement over the mini 2.

I get that and each to their own but for me I don’t fly in anywhere that’s built up mostly open countryside and I’ve got a M2P , air 2S and mini 2 So I don’t really see what I would get from it , the things that have put me off so far are the short flight time , the strength of the signal and the lack of the Airdata app , I know it’s early days hence I’m a wait and see as I’m sure you can get round the Airdata flight logs and with updates may help or sort the other things but for me for now I’m not rushing in this time but I see why others have .

Thanks Stvee just ordered a couple from Amazon…Now that I have undated the firmwear Its finally fully charge the RC.

Hi Chris updated the firmwear and Its now fully charged the RC.

Hi and yes , you need a more powerful charger, the one supplied is too slow think you need the fast charger, cheers Len

FYI, I was concerned about the Airdata connection, but decided to go ahead and get the RC package anyway, figuring I could always switch to the RC-N1 I already have if I had to. But, the flight logs are shared with your DJI account, so after your RC is connected to the Internet and does its syncing [ETA: anytime after the flight], if you then open up DJI Fly on a phone with both that and Airdata on it, Fly will download those logs, and then open Airdata which will upload them just as it did any other logs actually flown with that phone. The only downside I’ve noticed so far, aside from the faff, is that it may not get the rudder inputs to check the rudder lag. But even that might just have been that I didn’t make enough turns for them to consider it statistically significant. I’ll be testing that when the wind dies down here.