Mini 3 Pro Spotlight Mode - Doesn't do a perfect circle when I think it should

I was testing out spotlight mode locking onto a stationary subject. My only stick input was either hard left or hard right. I am pretty sure I was not pushing forward or backward on the stick. I expected it to do a perfect circle around the subject. As you can see it moves further away from the subject as it circles. I took the image as it was in the first circle with the stick hard left. As you can see the second circle with the stick hard right has an even more exaggerated movement away from the subject.

Is it supposed to do this? Does anyone know?

Looks like you need to use POI

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Thanks. I had watched that before. I am trying to understand why the drone moves further away from the subject when my only stick input is hard left or right.

From what I can gather spotlight just keeps the camera on the subject, so if you move left or right the drone will yaw as well to keep the subject centre but the drone will move further away

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:bulb: Thanks - that does make sense now that you have explained it in words of one syllable :blush:

So hard left would obviously go in a straight line, and the curve is created by it tracking the subject. Got it. Many thanks :+1:

I thought spotlight was for keeping the drone still and just yawing as object as it moved past the drone.
Flying round a fixed point is POI mode, and it does that without any input on the sticks.