Mini + Google Daydream + Litchi = VR flying!

Seeing as proper FPV flying in acro just seems like magic to me, had a fun little play setting the mini up at the weekend to immerse into flying with a headset!
Torrential rain put a stop to going outside but in my lazy state, I was happily flying round the house and managed to check the laundry had stopped and see who’d pulled up outside from the comfort of the sofa!
Seeing as Google have forgotten all about their Daydream project, it was nice to find a use for it.

Took a bit of getting used to moving the gimbal with my head, and still feels like the drone is 1m wide going through tiny narrow doorways that seem waaaaay to small, was really good fun… Can’t wait to try it out in the open now!
Attempted to control yaw with my head but far too much turning around and got a bit dizzy- having control over the gimbal is more than enough!
Must admit, I’m not overly sold on Litchi. Appreciate it’s beta, and will definitely use it for for VR and panoramics but for just normal flying, much prefer DJI!

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