MINI3 Pro Firmware update issue

Hi All, Just trying to update my Aircraft firmware for the MINI3Pro form 01.00.0400 and every time I click Check for Updates it says Server Error Code0:115000100001
Managed to update the Flysafe data, and am connected to the net, but no joy with the firmware update - any ideas? Anyone else struggled?


Try using DJI Assistant

Hi Suzanne
I had exactly the same issue.
If you drag the top of the controller screen down and go into settings you can update from there.
When I did that mine updated successfully.
If you are still struggling then give me a shout and I will try and remember how I did mine.

Edit. Apologies, I meant to add that this method should work with DJI RC. Not sure whether the same will work if you have the DJI N1 controller.