Mini4 Pro bundle for sale [ NOW SOLD ]

DJI Mini4 Pro flymore bundle …
DJI RC2 controller…
All original Boxes, bags, wrappers and peripherals…
Moulded Mini4 Hard case…
2 of 128GB Samsung evo sd cards…
Lanyard and controller mounted anchor…
2.7 Hrs flight time…
Battery cycle counts are 4 / 3 / 2…
care refresh with flyaway valid against drone serial so goes with new owner as it is for specific drone (not user account ) ( currently on 138 days activated )…also extendable cover i believe when the time comes.

Reason for sale is i bought the mini4 in December shortly after selling the mini3, there hasnt been the weather to use it and i now find myself off the idea of making drone videos because of other commitments and not progressing with my videos editing quality etc. The last few of my videos on youtube are from this drone starting January @-robster-robster- if you want to see an actual bit of footage from this drone but beware im boring lol

Hope this is a fair price someone that was in the market for a mini4 and can save themselves a few hundred quid for effectively a new drone with a few extras ready to fly out of the box and has care refresh valid for peace of mind.
SD cards were purchased new for this drone and will also be formatted prior to sale.
Prefer meet face to face for sale and can unbind account at this time if buyer wishes.
Can sell from own house Glasgow but can travel a reasonable distance if reqd to meet and soften the buyers journey.

Price £716

Thanks for looking.

Genuine interest can get my number for whattsapp video of video calls regarding this drone no problem i have nothing to hide, Ive been on this site for about 2 years.


Hi I may be interested in this Drone bundle. Where about are you located I would want to see it before I would purchase I live in Leicestershire UK.

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@Oldbloke click on the avatar in the post above & you will see area / location :wink:

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Location is also mentioned with the text of the post …

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Yeah G52 postcode to be exact . Shame a bit of distance between us probably not worth the bother for you traveling most of the way.
Id sell by posting anywhere but understand its buyers trust by paying for an unseen item before item is posted etc.
Thanks for the enquiry anyway

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I’m away in France with our campervan all next week back the wednesday after. If you still have it then I may see if I can get up that way and have a look at it.

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ok ta
Im in ireland all next week where i wont be home for any sale anyway. cheers!

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Just joined the community. Is the Mini 4 Pro bundle still available?

Sorry for late reply , i dont have notifications set up on this post.
Just back from my trip this evening and got a potential meet to sell tomorrow ( sunday )
Ill update tomorrow

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SOLD !!!

Many thanks :+1: