Ministry of Defence Land

I did a search and couldn’t find anything on this.

I’ve got this epic location very close to me which the MOD use to practice on- mainly tanks, infantry etc. It is also the place where they film alot- they blew up the house in Skyrim, Gladiator first battle etc.
They basically put up a red flag when you’re not allowed on due to them doing training- then noone can go there. Outside of that, lots of people walk their dogs.

I drove there and read the signs, nothing stopping drones. Albeit it was quite an old school sign.

Any ideas as to what the protocol is with this?



Check out any restrictions in our very own DroneScene

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Hey Chris,

I’d had a look at drone scene and then the drone assist app. I’d leave it at that but there is the potential of the drone being shot out of the sky!

I’m pretty sure on days the area is in use NOTAMS will be issued, if in doubt give them a call to check, there should be phone numbers on any signage posted.

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