Miracle at the Stunning Rotunda of Mosta Basilica, Malta

Visited the Rotunda of Mosta on holiday in Malta. Awsome Basilica in the middle of the city.

Had to get authorisation to fly from their Air Controllers but TBH, I had more hassle with the DJI GEO zone lock! Pain in the ar☆e.

The Basilica has the 3rd biggest unsupported dome in the world but was under threat from bombing in WWII and more recently by a taxi driver!

Find out what happened in the video!



incredible building and footage - would love to climb them steps on the dome - wow what a view !

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Hey Colin @D0c.Col That footage is excellent. Very well edited and a superb choice of music for the soundtrack making it very atmospheric…wish I had your editing skills!

That takes me back to when I took my wife to Malta for the first time ( my family heritage is Maltese, although I was born here in the UK ). We visited Mosta as it has a special place in our hearts for my family. My mums brother was one of the engineers involved in the diffusing of the bomb!

Thank you so much for posting this, it is very much appreciated fella.

Andy :ok_hand::heart_eyes:

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@LE60LAD Thanks Peter :+1:

Me too, but we had a limited amount of time there and after I unlocked my RC2 from the dreaded DJI Geolock I only had about 10 mins to get the drone footage. :woozy_face: and I lost signal for a second or two has it went behind the dome.

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I’m blushing mate! The skills are all down to Davinci Resolve, it makes an ordinary video pop!

Wow, not a job I would relish at all, and I worked for the MoD until I retired!

Thank you Andy for your story and kind comments; makes it all worth while when people like yourself show their appreciation and enjoy the fruits of our labour (hobby).

@LE60LAD Losing signal is one of the hazards I’ve gotten used too; wait til you see my Sliema video! Lost signal behind the high rise hotels just behind me 4 times and I’d forgotten to set my RTH height the first time, which was way lower than the crane it just missed on it’s way back! :joy: Mini 4 Pro is an awsome bit of kit for sure.


already looking fwd to it !

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Hey Colin @D0c.Col You are so very welcome my friend. I absolutely adore flying my drone…but hate sitting in front of my Mac trying to edit together something you seem to have perfected. I even bought a MacBook Pro just to teach myself editing…and gave up after a couple of goes and sold it! Currently, I’m giving LightCut a go…ish.

Just noticed you mentioned Sliema…guess where some of my family were from?


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Rabat :joy: :rofl:

Seriously I couldn’t get over the fact that the main Sliema bus stop was right outside the Marks & Spenser shop. :laughing: Cracking views across the harbour to Valletta.

Sliema is lovely, I just wish it had a nice beach to go with it!


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Great execution, music choice and commentary.

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@ColSam458 Thanks matey, much apprecisted.:+1: