MM2 Quickshots failure

I was just testing and tried the circle quickshot, simple to use but when it got to a certain point it went out of control and heading for the trees.

Could this be wind catching the blades, I had no wind warnings or the gimbal settings to low to mange to turn camera in time.

No idea but you could try using:
Please post the results if you do.

I finally got it working it was trail and error.:+1:

the reason Quickshots new to me is I always kept my Mavic pro on 0700 with NLD so at the time it was a decision I took no rules no updates over Quickshots from DJI.

After playing around yesterday with all the settings as suggested here, I had great fun.

Another thing handy is when told low battery RTH that there is enough battery life with the mini to transfer 7gb + of footage to you phone if needed.

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Did you find out what happened when it zoomed off?

I’ve been playing with QS and found it pretty good.
Sometimes it does lose its target - but then it should just stop in position.

So a bit disconcerting to see if veer off like that.

I used one POI and done about 10 different distances and heights, found highlighting the centre point much larger, I only had loss of target when it was drifting behide a few trees for few seconds.