Mobula6 v2 freaking out on take off help!

Hi i just got the mobula 6 but it keeps freaking out on takeoff. I took off first thing after i bound it and it didn’t do that but my yaw was pitch for some reason so i went to beta flight and was trying to find the problem but in doing so the battery ran too low and wiped all the factory setting and i hadn’t realised this could happen so i didn’t have a dump file but i found the right one (i think) on happymodels website and pasted it into the cli but ever since it keeps freaking out and i have absolutely no clue what’s happening is anyone able to help?

This was probably channel mapping in the receiver tab in Betaflight

This shouldnt happen otherwise everytime you removed the battery it would lose all its settings

Have you got a link? You need to make sure its the correct dump

Have you got a video of what its doing? It will probably be motor order incorrect, motor direction incorrect or the flight controller board orientation incorrect after you ran the dump in the cli

i haven’t got a video because apparently the file isn’t supported

here’s where i found the dump:

My Mobula is the f4fr lite v3.1 fc frsky receiver

I don’t quite know what happened i just heard this in a yt vid. all i know is they were gone

It just lost all factory settings again

Wait I just re entered the dump i found back in now it doesn’t freak out when i raise the throttle but the transmitter inputs are still all messed up

Go into the betaflight receiver tab and check the channel mapping

yeah i’m in it Right now when i yaw pitch moves when i pitch my yaw moves

Change this setting (this is the speedybee app so your layout will look different)

i have that setting on tear1234 at the moment is that correct

oh sorry i just saw the pic you mean change to aetr1234

I cant tell you if its correct as it depend on your transmitter but try all the options until its correct

now it won’t arm

Is the channel map correct now? Youll need to setup the arm mode in the modes tab. It will have changed when you ran the dump in the cli

actually i think i wasn’t arming because throttle was pitch apparently in the receiver tab of betaflight

i don’t think the channel mapping was because everything was different roll was yaw pitch was throttle etc very different to my nazgul

So change the setting until the sticks do the correct things :+1:t2:

i can only change between tear1234 and aetr1234
and neither of them work

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You should be able to type them in manually? Try different combinations

ok will do