Mod issues?

All, trying to Mod my mavic, following Digdat0 vids, but values dont seem to be staying when i change them. i managed to get debugging mode. easy, and can navigate to correct sections, but each time i try to change values just revert to old value. OBv. missing something but not sur e what? any pointers? running - - DJi ass. 1.1.2-2, & Mavic software all up to date?

Pinging people I think may have already done this mod: @Peter @RaRaRasputin @Goose

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Not me, I just tried the modded Go4 APK…

ok, wee update, have “roll back” firmware to on aircraft… whatever and still not able to change values…lol

Only thing I can suggest is to make sure when entering a value to press the enter key afterwards.

I noticed this when I did it by just entering a value and moving on to the next field, the value didn’t stick.

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Update!! so while searching for answers… aint we all, i found this.

“Sometime today 6/28/17 DJI pulled firmware from being accessed by users. This was due to the exploit found, but I am not even sure it could be called an exploit, “oversight” is maybe a better word.”
So it looks like the debugging way of Modding your bird has ceased unless someone can tell me otherwise…

However, there is an app that can be purchased for around 20 quid. and it does it all for you… I have purchased it to try it out…
It has preset normal+ and sport+ mods and you can remove height limit/wind etc… at the click of a button…

Just waiting on wind dying down to try it out…

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I did the mods, which ever ones you change I would click the + sign so its always in your favorites as you can get carried away I forget what you actually done.
When changing the values you have to sometimes enter the values twice and press enter each time.

Free videos on the net to complete most mods and NFZ and Height are not accessed ATM on latest firmware.

Cobblers I would think before you mod anything as im the pure example of this and after doing most mods the next day I lost my Drone, Battery Error at 14 mins of flying and auto landed to not be found again.
ive never had a near miss of any kind always let the RTH do its work but as I said mods done then my bird went haywire in mid-flight.

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Cheers for the advice, i will do a few test flights, local first just to try things out… Dont fancy losing it for the sake of a few mods… I dont fly too far anyway and most of the area at the mo is open fields, apart form a quarry pond…etc, i can live without all of the above. i just like to mess with things…lol. if it aint broke as they say…