Modding a mavic 3 charger so it can be used as a power bank?

I’ve hunted high & low & as others have said on a DJI forum why there is not a power bank adapter for the mavic 3 series battery’s like the majority of the other DJI drones,
However after doing some never ending research I found another DJI thread where the guy had modded what looks like the pins that attach to the battery ( when connecting ) so he could use the battery as a power bank, it looked / looks messy but as he said it does the job,
So if I was to buy just a single charger / dock ( I know very little about electronics btw ) would or could it be possible to open it up ( if you know what your doing ) & de solder or re solder just the wires to send the power in the opposite direction to the usb c so you can then use as a power bank ?
Here’s what I think would be a good donor for the job ( picture at bottom ), what or where should be tested to do the modification I have no clue, I wouldn’t want to jump on something I know nothing about & kill a battery, does anyone think this could or would be safe to do, or better still anyone with the know how to do it & obviously a paying job they may take on,
I guess you could beg the question why has DJI not produced one, I’ve also searched for that & cannot find the answer, however the DJI thread I found with the modded one, one of the DJI engineers or authorised DJI person even said what a good idea the mod was or something to that effect, he also mentions about putting it forward to DJI / wish list or something to the effect of a power bank cannot remember everything it said I also cannot find the post I read but shall look again.
Thanks in advance

What is that, Rich?

If you turn on a Mavic 3 battery and stick it in there do you not get power out of that USB-C port?

Not High or Low enough :grimacing:

Correct rich, the battery turns on as per the way you would do this for other DJI battery’s / charger dock or hub but not possible on the mavic 3 for some strange reason, no power back the other way, I’ll see if I can find the DJI post / thread,
Thanks …

Edit : not the exact thread I read yesterday but found this thread with the same mod same guy, yes it looks horrendous & not something I’d be happy with or entertain,
Maybe also of no use now that sparky Wayne has found a link but here’s mateys anyway,

Begs the question why do you want one,

A 5000mah battery charger is not going to be any use on a modern device

Ah thanks for that, yes I did see that on a DJI thread also but was only showing picture & no link,

Just to charge phone if needed as I did with my air 2, is this battery not sufficient to do the job then ? as said in first post I know little to nothing about this kinda thing,

Reason mainly also is DJI has just gave me a £120 coupon as one of my battery’s ( that is under warranty ) is only charging to 98%, so after two & half weeks of back & forth I had to do a remote / video online showing them the problem ( which they verified through the engineers is only charging to the 98% ) a lot of faff but got there in the end, I had 2 choices,
A : stick the battery in salt water with video etc & they will replace the battery or,
B : as the battery is of no danger, keep the battery accept £120 & I pay the other £59 to get a new battery, so I opted for b, with the intention of using the battery in the drone until it really degrades or as per the tittle try & get a power bank for it as I’m not sure I trust it in the drone, that’s the story & didn’t mean to go off topic.

Pay me £150 to do it or buy the Amazon one :grinning:

Deal :smile: joking

Do you think you could do a tidy job then Wayne, silly question really as I know if anyone could make it good I’m sure you’d be the man,
How about get the prong thing’s & a usb c thing & 3d print the dock is that possible without it all going bang :boom: I’m in no rush, I will pay & also you get to learn something new :smiley: everyone’s happy.

The time and effort to make that just to charge your phone is not worth it

Either buy the Amazon one or charge your phone before hand or in the car

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Yes your right, thanks for the link I’ll order it,
On the flip side I was picturing you doing a pitch on dragons den, a shame really ( this time next year we could have been skint millionaires ) :man_running:t2::dash:

Or turn on phone charging in the app.

I have rc pro Chris, :+1:t2:

So no need for a phone charger

Get yourself a decent 20000mah power bank, you’ll get more use out of it

Decent being the operative word. I tried to go the cheap route and bought an alleged 27,000mAh/22.5Watt powerbank, branded as Paidashu. Turned out the capacity was under 10,000mAh. So instead I went with Anker and bought a 22,000mAh/65Watt powerbank, and it makes real short work of charging the Mini4Pro and Avata batteries.