Mode Change

Has anybody noticed that the stick modes on the Mavic Pro dont appear to be correct in that Mode 1 in the Mavic is actually Mode2 in the RC world and Mode2 in the Mavic is actually Mode1 ?

Not noticed that.

Mine is as you would expect


Interesting as my Mode1 is your Mode 2

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That’s really strange, let me confirm I am in mode 2 tomorrow.

Wonder if the gimbals are round wrong way or something.

Its odd as I am about to embark on some fixed wing flying, my Spektrum DX6i TX is in Mode2 ie, left hand throttle, I thought I best set the MP to be the same yet this appears as Mode1 in the MP remote…very strange

My DX6i and taranis are both mode 2 so assuming I picked mode 2 when setting up Mavic.

I’ll need to check it as don’t remember ever changing it from whatever default is.

I thought Mode 2 was the Mavic (DJI! - same on P2) default?

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It must be then Dave as I can’t remember ever changing it.

I do remember seeing it being in mode 2 on the go4 app.

Whats also odd is on when you fly fixed wing RC you pull the elevator stick to increase the plane height and push it forwards to lower, the reverse is said with the Mavic …i,e forward is up and back is down

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I can understand that one as the fixed wing setup corresponds to the attitude of aircraft. Pull down to lift the nose and forward to lower it.

With a quad you can increase altitude with only the throttle and makes sense to have stick forward as up.

got to admit never really thought about it. still have mine set as it came out of the box.:grinning:

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I customised the mode i use so it matched the JJRC controls that i used on the first drone i had… :sunglasses:

Out of the box its Mode1 which I llike, but learning to fly fixed wing stuff in Mode 2, my Spektrum TX DX6i is not easy to chage to Mode1 so I will persist in Mode2, only I need the Mavic to be the same as either the Mavic or the Fixed wing or both will be smashed to bits…

Ummm - look at the pic a few posts up. “Default” is under Mode 2. Was out ot the box and unchanged since.