Monknash Beach - Added to Beaches and Seaside Resorts in Wales

I have just added this to the map of places to fly your drone at Drone Scene - Location # 592

Land owner permission not required.

Parking: This is in a farmers field and there is an honesty box for parking fee - last known suggested amount was £3. I have dropped the pin in the field for ease of finding.

Access: walk out of the field and down hill on the narrow road. At the Y fork left and climb over the stile and then down the footpath. The walk to the beach should take approx 10m.

Location & Advice: path can get muddy and thus good walkign footwear advised. There is a stream you walk past on the way down and an old mill race is also there - depending on light this can be a good spot for photos.

Because it is a bit of a walk the beach can be deserted but is also popular with dog walkers due to no restrictions. But be aware that if the tide is in, there will be no beach at all, however you can climb the cliffs either side courtesy of the Wales Coastal Path and fly from these instead. Beach is, like most along this section mostly rock.

The originator declared that this location was not in a flight restriction zone at the time of being flown. It remains the responsibility of any pilot to check for any changes before flying the same location.


I can just see the old lighthouse at Nash Point poking over the horizon there.

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It’s still an operational, though automated one and of course the foghorn is there as well which I occasionally hear if wind is in the right direction with fog around.

I can’t quite see the East tower with the light, only the West low tower.
My Mum and Dad jioned the Caravan Club in the 70’s and we stayed in the field behind on a rally, we were woken early the one morning with the fog horn going off, you didn’t need the wind blowing in the right direction that day :laughing:
I made friends with a boy at another rally over at St Athan, it turned out that his father was one of the keepers at the time, they had a very appropriate surname of Shippy, I think they moved to the Shetlands not long after, It became automated in the late 90’s

A still taken from some video from the Inspire on one of my first flights with it just over two years ago.

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Snap… and an almost identical shot.

Last time I was down there, ostensibly to fly my drone, the coastguard were out practising their cliff rescue stuff. At one point I saw them start to lay out markers and then lit a bunch of flares. When askled they told me the heli ‘may’ be coming in to land yet they didn’t seem at all bothered by the flying of my drone.

As it turned out, the heli got called away but still fun to watch the goings on.

I went for the dramatic HDR shot last time I was there.

And some from the Canon.


I keep meaning to get out, at the right time of year, for a star shot / milky way but either time, circumstance or weather is against me. Love your LE and the HDR is subtle but not too in your face.

Thank you, sometimes I look at them and think they are bit much, HDR can be an acquired taste.
Do you use Photopills? I bought it but have hardly used it, got to try and get out more this year.

I used to, so I now think, heavily overdo the HDR side but I think every beginner photog does that anyway. I look back at some of my early stuff and think, ugh, why did I do that :smiley:

But agreed, it is an individual thing.

As to PhtoPills - I have had it (and similar) on my phone in the past but either never got on with it or found it sorely lacking in its provision of what it claims so soon forget about them.

PhotoPills - By far the most excellent sun/moon/milky way/golden hour/etc app for photography. Totally worth the money. (I bagged it for £5.99 as a Black Friday deal.)

If you’ve not gone through their (rather long - “Meerkat Sergei” sounding) tutorial videos, chances are you’ve missed a lot of what it can do. Perhaps it’s biggest failing is that it can do so much that it’s not fully intuitive. Just need them to add clouds and rain to the app …. :wink:

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You are almost cerainly right Dave.

I tend to have a short attention span and need to either intuitively grasp something or see what others do to make me go look or re-think. At 56 that’s unlikely to chnage but I have added them to my YT playlist now and going through stuff.

Set myself a target to run through some of its functions before next Galatic Centre Visibility which is either Feb 4th or April 2nd depending on their use of dates.

Luckily, being a little further south, it gives a date that works in both formats. :wink:

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I certainly spent quite a while going through the videos. Slightly heavy going - with the accent, concepts and amount of shizzle that you can do with PhotoPills. Damned clever stuff and mathematics in that app, though.

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