Moon & Planets

Cold start this morning! I managed to catch the fantastic sight of Moon, Venus, Jupiter together on the horizon. Only had about 5 minutes before a battery temp. warning and then had a “manual exposure mode has been disabled” warning so I got her down quickly! Oh for a zoom lens!



Beautiful shot :clap:

Ditto what that man said

Thanks Brian.

Thanks Jeff.

Great bit of photography there Andrew !

Cheers Chris. It was the Drone wot did it, not me!


Thanks Eric.

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Nicely done :+1:

Is that Uranus I can see? (Somebody had to say it :smiley: )

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Nice photo, makes me want to get my Telescope out!

Thanks Paul.

Cheers Alex. The drone will never lift it!:rofl:


Now that the Mercury in the thermometer has dropped here on Earth, and you are Saturn Uranus, eating a Mars bar.
Pluto is just going to dive down to see old man Neptune at the bottom of the sea,
While Venus by Shocking Blue was being played on the radio.:grin:


An inspirational shot. Excellent

Thank you Simon.