More bando practice

A little short of my return to this spot, which might have been the last for a while it seems (unfortunately)


Nice loops.
Drone can be repaired ?

Why’s that? Looks like an unforgiving spot

Although I did crack the frame, ruined a motor that day and an FC whilst working on it on the bench, its all been fixed.
The comment was in regards to the place itself, they are doing some cleanup and have added some security to it which, for the time being, has prevented us from further entering the premises…

Yes, being mostly steel and concrete, its pretty harsh on the drone… But the gaps are quite reasonable, so you can get away most of the time…

I am not one who has tried anything like this. HOW??? I mean if I get a little worried I stop and weigh up the situation. It looks so complicated to do this at that speed.

You get used to it with time and lots of practice…
But I don’t consider my flying particularly fast at the moment, at least compared to what I see others doing,

Well to be totally honest, I do not think my brain would go as quick as that. I have had the odd accident with a drone at a very slow speed and thought… Why did I do that. So running at that speed, I would need jump leads on my ears to keep my brain at a high speed.

Looks good though (if you ignore the finale)

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You’d be surprised at how we can adapt to it… When I first got into it I thought like you, but now I see a light at the end of the tunnel…
A lot of it has to do with anticipating the movement.

That crash wasn’t bad, nothing happened actually, the hit on the steel beam wasn’t that harsh, and the landing was on soft dirt… so on that one I was lucky. Although I did have others that were harsher and still got away with it, eventually I had to pay the price… lol

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Still not sure my brain will be as quick lol

Reckon you got off lightly there :+1:t3: I always say if you ain’t got enough scrap bits to build a drone you ain’t trying :wink::rofl:

Awesome flying… really cool to watch… keep posting 'em! :grin:

Shame about the access though… :confused:

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TBH it’s not how fast your brain works. It’s fully committing to what you are doing and not overthinking it. Oh and about 20 hours in the sims will help.

When I fly, I’m in the moment. I don’t think what sticks I should press in which direction i just do it. I tend to think to myself “a power loop would be nice now” or “lets shoot to the moon and then do a dive” and the stick side of it just happens. You will already know you can say power loop, or yaw spin, or roll, so from a control perspective, it’s there, you just have to commit to doing it. So don’t think so much about can i do this, just do it.

It is when they go through a small window and shoot into a different direction, you gotta know the building well too so you know which was is not a wall.

Be ninja.

So first thing you do at a bando (if you have any sense) is go for a walk around it and get a feel for it. Next grab a small quad and leave it in angle mode and go have a leisurely flight around it, fly through doors, maybe gaps, but not too fast. Maybe repeat a couple of times, maybe do it in acro. You are probably happy now, having done it a few times and having a feel for the place. Now you break out your bigger kit and fly some laid back sessions.

Like everything in life, do it gradually and enjoy it. If you aren’t happy, then don’t commit. Start off by doing big things and then graduate to the smaller stuff. So maybe if you want to learn to loop, you would use a big bridge first, or rugby posts, then maybe next time you do something smaller and in the end you will do a small pipe that requires more precision. The small window is something you have worked up to, it’s not your first obstacle.


Well to all the people who do these videos… Well done…

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