More dirt bike chasing at Bennerley Viaduct

Bit gutted as it was my last battery. But it’s always good fun chasing someone.


Whats the location Karl, looks cool for the FPV thing ;o)

Bennerley viaduct. It’s already on Drone Scene I believe. Yes, its a brilliant spot!

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FPV flying looks so difficult!!!
I’m not sure how you manage to keep on the subject. I guess speed would be one of the most important attributes that a drone needs to have to do this, right?

Btw, love the music choice too.

Thank you. It’s not as hard as it looks. It just takes practice.

It’s the fpv camera angle. The higher the angle, the faster you go when focusing on a subject. From the video, my angle is too small (about 20 degrees)

Still, looks great. I suppose if it is too wide, the picture would look weird and “roundish” while having a narrower angle, does look more lifelike.

Thanks for sharing.

Aced it Mate :clap: :clap:

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The dirt bikes are there most Sundays I was up there this week with the drone and they were definitely there ,good bunch of lads…

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I’m hoping they’ll be there this Sunday…