More distance over urban area?


But again, remember the 500 metre limit…

Where does it say that VLOS has max limit of 500m on the CAA website?

( cough) was’nt gonna mention that in case I got me knuckles wrapped !.


OV, I will not be part of a forum that shuts up people for pointing out the law and tacitly condones the unlawful and in my view irresponsible actions.

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Where does it say that VLOS has max limit of 500m on the CAA website?

Sorry you feel that way. As it stands, the Mavics are capable of flying beyond vlos without any modifications, adding extra range doesn’t make it any more illegal. It’s the pilot who has that decision and the consequences.
The speed limit on every single road in this country is actually 30mph, unless otherwise signposted.
Most modern cars are capable of 155 mph, that’s what they are restricted to by the manufacturer. Which is more than double the motorway speed limit and 5 times the 30mph limit. It would be seen as highly illegal to do 155mph in a 30 limited, let alone in a 70 limit yet it is perfectly possible to do so.
Now I don’t hear an outcry that they are encouraging law breaking by setting the limiter to 155mph.
They have left it to the individual common sense and the police with all their speed detection equipment to uphold the law, it’s not our job to do this.
Similarly I can go into many forums and have my car ‘modified’ to go at insane and very very illegal speeds, yet it is not against the law to sell or advise on the fitting of such modifications, again it’s down to the individual to drive within the law, or suffer the consequences.
Nobody is condoning breaking a drone law, but similarly nobody’s ramming the law down their throats in dictatorial fashion, merely occasionally gently reminding them of their responsibilities as a grown adult while answering their query.
If anyone requires advice on drone laws, especially as a ‘newbie’ then their query would be answered politely and possibly directed to the CAA website, but nobody is going to be shouting fire and brimstone at them ‘thou shalt not” etc. That’s what makes this club different from certain others.


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Wise words Brian. When I went on a naughty boys course a few years ago, I was shocked at how lax my driving had become and how often I was endangering life without any discernible excitement/time saving/ benefit being derived. There’s a time and a place for pushing the limits and personal discretion and thoughtfulness, as well as respect for our common man, should be our guidelines. Otherwise, as we know to our cost, the foolish few ruin it for the reasonable rest of us.
A word of caution about car mods and flying beyond CAA regs. In both circumstances, unless you have paid a special insurance premium (in the case of cars) or have a reasonable excuse (very narrowly interpreted by the courts), you will not be covered by any insurance you may have thought you had.
A cousin in SanDiego had DJI refuse to cover him because he had flown beyond LOS.
A close friend of mine bought standard BMW alloy replacement wheels for his M class, had an accident, no one hurt but lots of damage, and the insurance company noticed the ‘modification’ and refused to pay up. He was down £7.5 grand! Chipping motors etc will have the same consequence.
Another tip is that you must tell your insurance of any motoring offences within three months of conviction or the policy cover will be declared void. They don’t mention that when you write the cheque, do they?


I agree with you. I often wonder when I have a coffee at a well known establishment in Selby (McDs) that has a large car park, and see the ‘young bloods’ showing off their moddied Corsas or whatever car is in vogue with them, just how many have told their insurance company.
I’m sometimes in awe at the time, money and loving care lavished on the cars that some of them have gone to ‘pimp’ their ride. They are almost a work of art.
Sadly the nut that’s holding the steering wheel seems to be A bit loose with some of them.
Best wishes.


If you are using a drone for personnel use then you are governed by the Civilian Aviation Authority (CAA) [Air Navigation Order 2016. This is the law and you can, and individuals have been, prosecuted for breaking it. The new Drone Code is available to download at along with a useful Drone Assist App created by the CAAand air traffic control body National Air Traffic Service (NATS) to help individuals understand their responsibilities.

Essentially your responsibilities are:

  • to know how to fly your drone safely, and do so within the law
  • to understand that the operator is legally responsible for every flight
  • to keep your drone in sight at all times – stay below 400ft
  • not to fly your drone over a congested area, never fly within 50 metres of a person, vehicle or building not under your control
  • ensure any images you obtain using the drone do not break privacy laws
  • avoiding collisions – you should never fly a drone near an airport or close to aircraft. It is a criminal offence to endanger the safety of an aircraft in flight (Even if you are more than 1k, you still must fly so as not to endanger other aircraft. So knowingly operatring a drone in an Airports flight path (And you should know) is an offense.

Don’t get hung up on believing flying more than 1k from an airport is always legal to do so.


And I don’t say that. There is no “always” or “every” in my post.

The fact is, you most definitely can be only 1km from a significant airport and be legal.