More distance over urban area?

Hi guys,

I’m only getting about a mile tops in urban area without it saying weak signal, I’m guessing 4.5 mile is like open field etc.

Any tips to overcome this, 390 ft helps but still after a mile it’s a week signal time. Is it just literally cause I’m in a village / town area (WiFi interference etc from houses

I’ve tried the range booster but not noticed results as such, any other mods

Many thanks


A few people here run active antenna systems:

Other brands are available!

Some people here have even built their own from scratch :+1:t2:

The first thing I’d do is find a nice little hill in the countryside, the side of a large lake in the countryside (admittedly, there aren’t many of those - depends where you live), or a beach at the coast … and see what you manage to get.

As you can see from this … no apparent signal loss over 1.2km distance. (My MP is same tech as MPP).

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The maximum distance a UAV should be flown from its operator is 500 meters or not beyond the visible line of sight if less than the 500 meters.

So why would you want to be extending your range to over a mile?



On the rare occasion that I launch from my back garden, I can only usually go a couple of hundred meters before the interferece kicks in - same reason, large housing estate, more WiFi signals than there is houses :rofl:

Another option is to try FCC mode (various threads on here about it, try a few searches).

Running an amplified antenna will cut through a lot of that - it’s not a cheap option though.

Welcome to the friendliest and premier club, and font of all knowledge, usually.
Aside from the legal implications of flying beyond vlos. Tut tut.
The range extenders are all well and good, but, and it’s a big but.
It produces a very narrow signal ‘beam’ powerful but narrow. As you get further out it becomes critical that you keep the aerials pointing at the aircraft, a slight deviation of the controller and you lose signal. And if you can’t see it, how can you point at it?
Is it worth the sress and worry of seeing your expensive pride and joy not under your control.


You really should not be flying your drone beyond the line of sight …“cough” …:roll_eyes:

Please remember … This is a ‘No Drone-Police Zone (NDPZ)’.

Suggesting that another member is individually the cause of bad press is just not acceptable.


point taken


VLOS … even more so over urban areas

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Currently, you can be fully VLOS, 1km from a significant airport, and fly above their standard instrument approach … LEGALLY!

Personally, I’d rather someone fly beyond VLOS “responsibly” (if you follow the slight contradiction), rather than legally in the above situation.

A touch of “The Law is an Ass” … at times.

Also - hands up anyone that’s driven at 71mph on a motorway? :raised_hands:



(I did 71mph twice :shushing_face:)


Clap him in irons and transport him to the colonies. Lol


… by drone! :+1:


Only slowing when Mr Garmin tells me ;o)

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Guys I promise to only use it in open countryside and obey the drone commandments.

I have a Mavic Pro Platinum
iPhone XS Max
Just want to be able to go into FCC mode to test this baby out, it’s like having a brand new top range BMW and I’m covered to 70mph and I’m on the autobahn in Germany, I just wanna stretch her legs a little in the countryside

Any help guys

You Use an App on the phone called “ Floater” it when activated makes your phone think it’s GPS is in America !.
When you then activate the drone you can switch to FCC mode, when you have done that, shut the drone down, turn off Floater, then wallah !, your drone is in FCC.
Hang on! ,why would you want to do that with ocusync?
It will do 4 miles !.
Not even sure the above would work, never tried it only ,on the Air.

Floater the app isn’t available from the Apple store is it, I’ve looked. If it was sounds like a great way to activate FCC mode

Come on guys someone must have a easy easy for me to access FCC mode via me iPhone iOS

Sorry, yes only on Android, but, works well.
Don’t think you can from Iphone

Whether or not they reach a solution, I’m not sure, but there are these previous threads around this subject …

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