More Filter advice needed

I’ve searched for filters and read up on them but would value some advice. I’ve been looking at the Freewell variable ND filter on but there not currently available.
I’ve contacted Freewel and they say they may be available in about 10 days.
I’ve also looked at the Neewer ND filter set.
I thought of the Freewell 'cause I can put it on and leave it but the Neewer will have to be fitted individually.
There’s also the difference in price. Is it worth waiting for the Freewell or go ahead and get the Neewer ones?

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I have the freewell variable ND filters and the PolarPro cinematic filters.
TBH I leave the freewell ones on now “coz I’m lazy”
I honestly can’t see any difference in quality between them.
The freewell ones are just easier to use as you are not constantly changing as the weather changes. I would wait for them, personally.

On the plus side they offer upto 9 stops (allegedly) I had mine on 9 yesterday 4K 25fps shutter at 50 and iso at 100 and when I pointed it around just to see (midday sun) I had to drop it back to 6 it was far too dark. Should be amazing for the water long shots. When I get out more.

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Thanks, I keep email Freewell and it’s always, “they should be soon” but getting impatient now.
I’d like to go with the Freewell for ease of use but the Neewer ones will do.

Calm down it’s only a few filters. :slight_smile:
Everything comes to he who waits.

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Has ANYONE managed to get the bleeding original lens cover off the Zoom? Tried all the recommended options, 'lecky band, rubber gloves but that thing is really stuck on. Pointless getting any filters if I can’t get the lens cover off.
Would I be doing any damage with a heat gun (set on low!)?


I wouldn’t use a heat gun.
I used the “lens removal tool” that came with my poplarpro lens.
Just persevere it will come off, remember,
“Righty tighty, lefty losey”

If your holding the drone with the with the camera facing away from you (forward) loosen the lens cover clock wise as you are now looking at it. (From the back of the drone to the front)

If you are looking straight at the drone, camera in front of you. Then you loosen anti clockwise.

Thanks Steve, the reference to the heatgun was said with a little tongue in cheek :smiley:. I’m definately trying to turn it the correct way, it’s just so bloody tight. Looking to see if there are any little tools, similar to your PolarPro, on t’internet.

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Might give this a try . .

but still in the market for any other advice.

This is what it looks like

Right DONE IT !! I was getting that frustrated that I looked straight down the camera lens and said in a rather stern, norther accent “Now Look 'Ere Fettler, That Lens Cover Is Going T’come off, Or Your Going To Go Straight Back To China. Understand !!!” and low and behold, it came off.
Instead of putting on the latex glove, I just wrapped it round the lens.
Thanks for your interest @speatuk


Glad you got there in the end

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