More fish!

This time, they haven’t even been in the cages for 6 months and already they’re treating them for sea lice. I love flying these places, wish I had a Mini 2 with an 8X zoom though!


That is terrible.
I have actually stopped eating salmon and everyone in my family who did eat salmon I have relayed my concerns and presented these videos you present to us. It is an utter disgrace.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention Ash. I have actually completely moved away from any form of fish.
Jayne my partner is a fantastic cook and to be honest we almost vegetarians now.

I do still like the odd steak so please don’t show me what they do to the cows….:pleading_face::grimacing:


Haha Thanks Steve. The trouble now is keeping the information flowing yet not boring people with more of the same! We’ve done a longer video about the loss of the reefs in this loch but it’s with the BBC at the moment, to see if they will air it on Countryfile. Glad you’re off farmed salmon but I hope you can find other things that are just as appealing. Cheers.

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You ought to see them use the veggie fields as a toilet when picking the stuff!! :rofl: :rofl:

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Inspire 2 with a Z30 would allow you to zoom well in while staying outside of shotgun range …

I couldn’t pop it in my pocket when I’m running away from the thugs though!

What you need is a 6ft1 18stone bodyguard. Sadly I live too far away! :laughing:

:running_man: :man_running: :rofl: