More newbie questions

I’ve been out playing today filming spraying machine in fields. I was driving the sprayer so I sent the drone into the field and tried different things with active trac and it is flipping good. Couple of things, first if I raise the frame rate in 1080 to 96fps then am I correct in thinking that it will play back normally in slow motion? Secondly, I seem to be getting a few disconnects and in an area with no phone signal the DJI app wouldn’t load until I put the phone in airplane mode. So do I need to change to the underside usb to beat the disconnection problem and is the app thing just the app thing.
Finally, what software is best for a simpleton to edit footage.

Give me a shout if ever you need an RTK mast or auto steer kit :wink:

You should do this first, just to either confirm or rule out a cable or connector/socket issue :+1:

Mac or PC mate?

I always keep my MP device in airplane mode. Don’t want anything conflicting with my MP flying.
Quite easy, currently, since it doesn’t even have a data SIM, but I also had it in that mode when there was a (spare) Data SIM in it whilst on holiday.

PC when she lets me on it

All our stuff is thro ag leader from derek Johnson at precise solutions. We’ve had our issues in the past but ag leader are pretty good and precise have got much better

Does having it in airplane mode not effect the map on the screen or do you cache that before flight and then airplane the thing

Do you do one for a Volkswagon Golf?

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Good point, and probably highlights one of my particular quirks. LOL!

Cache beforehand (use my main phone as wifi hotspot) if I need the map, but more often than not I’m not that fussed if I have a map … you still get the most important information as to where it is relative to you, and track, to be able to fly it home, etc.

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Never put mine in airplane mode as I use it as hotspot, airplane mode can still run WiFi but not mobile data.

I used a dedicated android tablet which has been cleaned to run couple of Google apps( had to keep these on the tablet otherwise tablet would not load, but I have them all forced stopped) my nld mod client and tracker app are only 2 apps running and keeps my phone on hotspot and running everything as it’s not effecting my tablet to my MP.

I’m using Surface Pro 4 for editing running Photoshop and Adobe Premier Pro. Have also movavi photo editor and video editor 14, Vegas Pro,

Here is some suggested across the net as to use,
Davinci Resolve
CyberLink 15
Cyberlink PowerDirector
Adobe Premier Pro
Final cut Pro X
Xilisoft Video Converter
VideoStudio Ultimate 2018

Thanks for the reply, I seem to have accidentally stumbled into using the go pro editing suite from my GoPro camera, I don’t know if it’s easier or more difficult than others as I have no experience on other software. I’m interested if any one else has tried it and what they think.
It lets me edit, add titles and music and gives me some tuning. Seems quite long winded but it’s more likely that I don’t really know what I’m doing and just bumbling through