Mote Park, Maidstone

Does anyone know if there is any restriction on flying drones in Mote Park, Maidstone, Kent?

Thanks for your information.

Hi Rick.

Check out Drone Scene

Quick search bought up this.


Thank you for the reply.

However, I just realised that I should have said that I have the Mini 2, so A1 category.

I know there are places in Mote Park that get very few people, not enough to constitute a crowd.

What the Drone Scene map, and NAT Drone Assist don’t tell you is if there is any local by-law or prohibition about take off and landing drones in the park. All they tell you is that it’s a park.

More importantly, they’ll tell you if there are any airspace restrictions in the area you intend to fly in.

Which is kinda important to know :blush:

Sadly, until councils move away from 30 year old documents that they scanned in to PDF 10 years ago and occasionally put on their web site, no service provider can ever tell you that :confused:

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Which is why I’m asking the community on here.

I hoped that someone, with knowledge of Maidstone, may have looked into local by-laws and be able to give me a straight forward ‘Yes, you can fly there’ or ‘No, you can’t’ answer.

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Well, I went to Mote Park today and had a good look around the park entrance for any information about drone operations. I couldn’t find any prohibition on their use so I proceeded to spend an enjoyable hour or so flying.
I also saw another UAV flying over the area I was flying in, though I couldn’t see the pilot.
I guess that means there is no problem with local by-laws there. :slight_smile:


often times in parks and things you can use google street view and see signs at the entrance to parks