Motion Blur Tracking Vehicles

Been out wasting an hour today on the Levels, flying up and down a nice straight road trying to nail these shots.


Much easier, I found, to take a good clear pic and do the motion blur in PS. :wink:


I did think about that but had a some spare time so just went for it :joy::ok_hand:t4:

It means the car can be stationary, too ā€¦ so you can be nice and close. LOL!


You certainly nailed it. Love the motorbike shot.

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Hey, the top one looks like my car.

Have you been spying on me !!! :smiley:

:zipper_mouth_face: you wife asked me not to mention anything :grimacing:

<mutter, mutter> Damn wife! Thought Iā€™d slipped away unseen! :sunglasses:

Look great :+1:

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