Motor on Mini 2

I have a mini 2 and one of the motors occasionally won’t start, if you try and rotate it by hand it feels stiff compared to the other 3.
Is this normal or should I be contacting Amazon about a replacement?

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It’s not normal at all. All motors should rotate free and easily by hand when off.

To test start motors, place on the ground, push controller sticks down then inwards. Four motors will start but drone should remain on the ground.
To turn off motors, hold left stick down (assuming you are on mode 2 which is the default).

It sounds like you have dirt in a motor, or something is tight or bent inside?

If it’s newish, back to Amazon!
If it’s older, it’s very repairable. I’ll let other member who are more experienced explain that side of things.

And off to Amazon it goes, delivery for the replacement… Tomorrow
Can’t say fairer than that


That was quick. I’m sure the replacement will work A-okay :crossed_fingers:


Same fault I have on my M2. Sent it back to Heliguy, they say that they can’t find a fault.

Raise a ticket with DJI

Heliguy are replacing the motor arm.

Hermes picked up my old mini 2 at 10 this morning and by 1.30 the replacement had arrived. Less than 20 hours, can’t complain about that :grinning:

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Oh I thought you’d said