Mount Snowdon (Views from the Miners Path)

A walk 2/3 of the way up Snowdon on a beautifully warm September day.

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Fantastic Steve. :ok_hand:

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Great video :+1:t2: that music works really well!

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Excellent mate - I sincerely hope somewhere up there you did a POI of yourself standing on a crag !!!
Be a belter for future generations of your family.
Ive not done that track for nigh on 40 years, but you caught it that well I could remember every step ( we had a bet to take a dip in every lake we could see - Im shivering just recalling it lol )

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Thank you. The most difficult part is trying to find apt music lol.

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Thanks for the support Ted. No I never even thought about that - maybe next time.

Both my son and the dog spent a lot of time swimming in Llyn Llydaw. It looked so beautiful but it was still cold lol. I left them to it and flew


Put a red or yellow mountain jacket on and fly it from behind you, over your head and up & away - would look stunning mate. I did my Mrs at Aber Falls and up at Conway like that cos she gets embarrassed lol - but she really enjoyed seeing herself in a “dynamic” environment - needless to say our folks & kids back in Thailand loved seeing her like that.
Them lakes really are bloody cold - no point trying it toe first, we just jumped in and hoped the old ticker didn’t stop with the shock lol. Respect to your lad :+1:
No BS mate, but that website of yours is a cracker - talk about professionally set up and thoroughly enjoyable.

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Wow, I have only just seen this Ted. Thank you very much for checking it out and for the amazing comment. I never realised the amount of work involved in putting it together (at least choosing and getting the photos ready to upload - I am currently working through 1500 for the 1999 Bishopstock Blues Festival) and I still have others to upload for Wales.

I will keep going as I do enjoy it, but comments like yours truly do make it worthwhile.

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