Mountain pass of Orduña (Puerto de Orduña)

Hi guys,

Hope you like this shot I have from a while back.

This was in northern Spain, to be precise, here:,-3.024971&q=Marked%20Location&_ext=EiYpI6ZeAmR7RUAxRRMA8sA/CMA5oXuEXop8RUBBsxiIdpwmCMBQBA%3D%3D&t=h

I hope you like it


Love this picture! Such a perfect set of hairpin bends it looks almost like it must be photoshopped! Although I don’t doubt it isn’t :slight_smile:

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Thanks you @nick.emmons I appreciate your kind words. I am afraid that I’m not that advance in photoshop. A little colour correction on the mobile and Bob’s your uncle.

You have the location on the post. I have just edited it.

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Is it as good as the Stelvio which is amazing?

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It is pretty good. I’m not sure if it is at the same level as the Stelvio, mainly because this is quite short, compared with the 60 hairpin turns, this one has a lot less.

Still some of it’s bends are very twisted and you need to lower your gears to second.

Here is someone’s else’s climb on motorbike.
I hope it helps to illustrate.

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The Stelvio is perhaps at the top of the list but this one looks good to drive.

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I agree. It is great, but a different level.
Also, on this region there are quite a few mountain passes. There is one about 5 or 10 Km from this one (almost as good as this one), and another one about 15 km.
This is the beginning of the tabletop mountain, so there are lots of climbing places to it.