Mountain Rescue Drones

I wonder, if you were out in the wilds of somewhere, could you send up your drone with your own 5G repeater to a suitable altitude get you back in contact with civilisation ?


I have seen stories where people have got into a pickle while in a remote area and have taped there mobile to a drone and put a text msg into it as the phone will keep trying to send it for a bit of time and they send the drone up to send the text to get emergency services to the area.

One I saw sent the phone up and using a connected smartwatch were able to call S&R| to get them to come to them.

So very possible and have been done a few times


a few years ago whilst at a manufactures facility i was shown tethered drones that could create a 4g and or 5g network and also mesh together as well , these was being considered for the esn system

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