Anybody here used MPB to get their gear from?

I got the missus to agree to me buying an X5 camera/gimbal mount for the Inspires, so I spent a few hours looking around the usual places. The X5 was anything from £750 upwards to £1350, and the gimbal mount anything upto £180 (lowest £130).
Had an Inspire 1 Pro with X5, 2 sets of quick release props, controller, charger, 2 sets of replacement prop mounts, spare cables etc for £754. ordered yesterday afternoon, delivered this morning by 11.
Very good condition and loads cheaper than the bay!

I’ve used MPB several times without any probs, good company :+1:

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I have used MPB a couple of times and been very happy with the service. The items arrived promptly, packed in new, good quality cardboard boxes and in the condition as described on their website. The prices were similar to eBay.

If you know what you want and can’t be arsed with waiting for a “bargain” to fall into your lap on auction sites but are happy to pay market price then MPB are highly recommended - by me at least!


That’s quite a few bob!


I’ve used MPB many times to buy and sell, both cameras and drones. It’s all been absolutely fine and occasionally they’ve upgraded my trade in and got more money! The only thing and this is a very slight thing is if you are selling/trading a drone there cab be a delay. They do test your kit and if the weather is going through a bad patch you have to wait. Everything I’ve bought from them was exactly as described or better


I’ve gone through everything in the box, and it all seems excellent condition. When you think that a 1 Pro goes for about 1400 quid upwards on ebay, it was a bargain. I like a bargain and cos it was such a bargain, the missus let me buy it with no moaning, bonus!

Has anyone got experience of using mpb for used gear. They are offering me a good price for one of my old FUJI cameras and they have a couple of Air 2s for sale. I’m tempted but dithering - HELP please. :shushing_face:

Yes I’ve used them a lot over the years for both buying and selling. A great company :+1:

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I have bought from them a couple of times. The items - Nikon lens and a Sony camera were in great condition, very much as described, quickly sent and very well-packed. The price was fair, much the same as buy it now on eBay for the same items. I would recommend them

Only ever bought s/h from them. Several times over the years. Never had a problem.

I’m always amazed that the stuff I’ve bought often arrives in better condition than they described.

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