MTOM - how do you know?

Lots of discussion over Maximum Take off Mass (MTOM) relating to MM but I have a Mavic Air please tell me where do you go to find this out?

Thanks I’m not sure though if that’s MTOM though?

They still believe the MM does not need to be registered (249g) it says previously to the MA weight given

I’m trying to understand the implications as of 1st July 2020

On subject of MM this is interesting I noticed today please expand the picture for full info

So does that form part of the basis ‘Not a toy’

I.e toys can’t go more than 120Mts from controller Only confirms in my mind MM is up there with the big boys whether we like it or not!

From what I understand is that most non commercial drones haven’t published the MTOM. I’m sure as the EASA rules are implemented then maybe the manufacturers will release that information.

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That 400ft (120m) is the vertical limitation

Not sure I agree it says ‘from’ I know there is a ceiling height in the Code of 400ft (122Mts)

That 400ft height is the vertical limit from the pilot. If you walk up a hill 100ft you will still have the 400ft limitation from your new position.

No drone from ground level


All this is a bit off topic the chart clearly says from the controller Not from AGL above ground level So my point was will this be a deciding factor as to whether a drone ‘is a toy’ or not a toy?

Mavic Air not a toy!
Ryze Tello is a toy!
Mavic Mini - pray tell?

The 400ft limit from the controller is the AGL limit vertically not a distance horizontally, the image in the code is a bit deceiving.

So you can stand on top of a mountain and fly you VLOS drone 120 Mts above you even though the drone may be 2000mts AGL where it is? Are you sure?

Yep that is correct. All manned aircraft have a flight limitation not below 500ft from any structure, hence the drone is given a 400ft limitation to give a separation of atleast 100ft.

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You came back quick so I’m presuming you didn’t mean structure as in man made?

Man made structure and natural features such as a hill or mountain

OK so let’s think about this here I am on the top of a mountain flying my drone over a valley 120Mts above my controller but 500Mts above the valley floor, I think I’m with the code meanwhile some Military Aircraft pilot comes screaming around the hill into the valley at 510mts (within safe heights he believes) AGL Is that not a potential issue there?

I think you are describing the mach loop lol. You wouldn’t be flying your drone in any military low level corridor.

You would not be within the code. The diagram in the code is clear that your drone must remain within 400 feet of the ground surface, wherever it is. The actual text in the law (ANO 2016 as amended 2018) is:

The SUA operator must not cause or permit a small unmanned aircraft to be flown at a height of more than 400 feet above the surface, and the remote pilot of a small unmanned aircraft must not fly it at a height of more than 400 feet above the surface, unless the permission of the CAA has been obtained.

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I do hope others read the whole threat you starting point and stopping point on your quote makes me look like a right Tit :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :joy:

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